Attorney Ian McLoughlin Interviewed by Mass Lawyers Weekly for article on the SEC Whistleblower Program

In January 2013, Massachusetts Lawyers Weekly published an article on the SEC Whistleblower Program in light of the Office of the Whistleblower’s release of its Annual Report for Fiscal Year 2012.

Ian J. McLoughlin, who represents whistle-blowers in several matters under the SEC’s program, was interviewed to provide the perspective of counsel for the whistle-blowers.  During the interview, Mr. McLoughlin said the program “is still getting off the ground, so this is uncharted territory,” but that the report suggests that the tips, of which the program received over 3,000 in its first full year, “for the most part, are good ones.”   Mr. McLoughlin also said the rules governing the Dodd-Frank whistleblower program set tight parameters governing who is eligible to receive an award, what type of information will be accepted, and the process and timing under which tips are submitted.  Those rules, he said, weed out people who are simply seeking financial gain.  “They are looking for very specific, high-quality, credible, nonpublic information,” McLoughlin said.

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