Costco Sale of Fake Tiffany Rings

Shapiro Haber & Urmy LLP is currently investigating Costco’s practice of selling rings that it falsely claimed were Tiffany rings.  In fact, the rings were not made by Tiffany.   Costco falsely represented that the rings were Tiffany rings with signs in the Costco stores that said the rings were Tiffany rings and by the statements of their sales people.  In fact, Tiffany & Co. does not and has never sold its jewelry to Costco.

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If you purchased a ring from Costco which was represented to you to be a Tiffany ring, you may have a claim against Costco, and we would welcome the opportunity to speak with you.  Please call us at (617) 439-3939 or 1-800-287-8119, or click here to contact us through our website.