About Us

Unlike many other law firms, our lawyers, all of whom were trained at the finest law schools in the country, have successfully tried dozens of cases to verdict, obtaining outstanding results for our clients when efforts to reach a negotiated settlement have failed. As a result, we approach each case - large or small - with the expectation that it may be tried, and with the rigor and attention to detail that excellent trial preparation requires. This approach, in which intellectual firepower is wedded to an unflagging commitment to victory, has resulted in the recovery of hundreds of millions of dollars for individuals and businesses across the United States.

Shapiro Haber & Urmy LLP's commitment to success in high-stakes, high-profile litigation is matched by its commitment to providing access to quality legal representation on a pro bono or reduced-fee basis to low-wage individuals who otherwise might not be able to afford legal help. Our attorneys have represented low-wage workers in the Boston area in the fields of hospitality, janitorial services, and retail, in actions seeking to recover unpaid wages ranging from only hundreds to tens of thousands of dollars. We understand that recovering a fair day's pay from an unscrupulous employer is just as important to these local clients as a multi-million dollar settlement of a complex financial fraud. The firm's attorneys have also represented numerous refugees seeking political asylum on a pro bono basis, including for example, obtaining asylum for a person from the Democratic Republic of Congo who had been severely persecuted by governmental authorities. In each of these smaller cases we incur large fees and expenses, often far in excess of the wages sought to be recovered, that are paid by the firm. It is our belief that part of our duty as members of the bar is to represent those who otherwise would not have any means to obtain relief in court, and we welcome that responsibility.

We encourage businesses and individuals who believe they have been subjected to an unfair business practice, unfair employment practice or other violation of the law, or that face other difficult legal issues, to contact us. Consultation is always free, and contingency payment structures (in which the client does not pay unless there is a recovery) and/or reduced fee and expense schedules often are available.