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Massachusetts Prevailing Wage Employees

Massachusetts has several laws that require payment of a prevailing wage to certain types of employees when performing work for certain governmental entities, including employees:
--working in construction
--operating school buses
--printing and binding books and other documents
--working for housing authorities (such as architects, technical engineers, draftsmen, technicians, laborers and mechanics)
--for public works (such as mechanics and apprentices, teamsters, chauffeurs and laborers in the construction of public works)
--operating trucks, vehicles or other rented equipment
--office fixture movers
--cleaning or maintenance workers 
Construction work is broadly defined to include additions to and alterations of public works, the installation of resilient flooring in, and the painting of, public buildings and public works; certain work done preliminary to the construction of public works, namely, soil explorations, test borings and demolition of structures incidental to site clearance and right of way clearance; and the demolition of any building or other structure ordered by a public authority for the preservation of public health or public safety.

The Employer Must Keep Payroll Records Available For Inspection

The employer is required to keep detailed payroll records of public works employees and provide verifications of compliance with the prevailing wage law to the state, noting that the records demonstrating compliance are available for inspection.

An Employee May Sue For Violations of the Prevailing Wage Laws

Employees who are not paid the correct prevailing wage may have claims to recover three times the unpaid wages as well as the costs and fees of their lawyers.

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