Unsolicited Telephone Calls From Political Opinions of America

We are currently investigating Caribbean Cruise Line, Inc. and The Berkley Group, Inc.’s violation of the Federal Communications Commission’s Do Not Call List, which prohibits unsolicited commercial phone calls to any number that is on the Do Not Call List.  We are conducting this investigation with the aim of potentially bringing a class action against these companies and some of their affiliated companies.  We believe these companies make unsolicited calls, purportedly as a political opinion poll being conducted by “Political Opinions of America.”  Then, one is offered a “free” cruise on the Bahamas Celebration ship, but this offer is really designed to expose people to sales pitches for resort stays and vacation timeshares.  If you received such a call, you may have a claim against these companies, whether or not you paid them any money. 


Please contact us if you (1) received one of these calls to a phone number that is on the Do Not Call list, and (2) spoke with a representative regarding signing up for a free cruise, or signed up for a cruise, upon completing a Political Opinions of America survey. Please email us at shu@shulaw.com or click here to contact us through our website.