SEC Makes Award of $22M, Surpassing $100M to Whistleblowers

The Securities and Exchange Commission announced on August 30, 2016 a whistleblower award of over $22 million to an individual who helped the agency end a fraud at his place of employment. This award, according to the agency’s press release, is the second largest total the SEC has awarded a whistleblower. In a statement following the SEC's announcement, the attorney for the whistleblower said that his client was a former executive at Monsanto. 

The SEC has now awarded more than $100 million to whistleblowers since implementing the program in 2011. Mary Jo White, Chair of the SEC, said in a press release, “The SEC’s whistleblower program has proven to be a game changer for the agency in its short time of existence, providing a source of valuable information to the SEC to further its mission of protecting investors while providing whistleblowers with protections and financial rewards.”

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