SEC Issues Three Whistleblower Awards Totaling $10M in a Single Week

The Securities and Exchange Commission announced on May 20, 2016 a joint award of over $450,000 to two individual whistleblowers for a tip leading to a corporate accounting investigation and for assisting in the investigation once it began.  This award was the third announced by the SEC that week, bringing the week’s total payout to $10 million.

In an SEC press release, Chief of the Office of the Whistleblower Sean McKessey said, “The recent flurry of awards reflects the high-quality nature of the tips the SEC is receiving as public awareness of the whistleblower program grows. These two individuals not only submitted valuable tips to help open our investigation but also provided valuable assistance as we proceeded, showing that our program particularly rewards those eager to continue helping us throughout the process of bringing an enforcement action.”

The other two awards that week were announced in press releases here and here.

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